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What I treat

If you are like most people, you will be unaware of your asymmetries and the limitations and presdispositons to injury they cause. It is only when they are removed that you will realise what you’ve been carrying for so long.

At first most asymmetries are merely accompanied by inflexibility. For instance, the increasing inability to touch your toes. But after a while the stresses accumulate and they start to lead to aches, stiffness and then eventually injury.

The following conditions are all likely to have asymmetry at their core and can thus be helped by my methods:

Back Pain


Recurrent Groin Pain

Knee Problems

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Recurrent Hamstring Strain

Muscle Strains

Hip Pain

Rib and Chest Pain

Coccyx Pain




Middle Ear Problems



Elbow and Wrist Pain

Finger Problems

Ankle and Foot Problems

Foot Pronation

N.B. Many physical problems have their origins in the mind or come from protection of internal inflammations. My skills in physiology and psychology therefore allows me to more accurately pinpoint the underlying predisposing factors as well as their physical manifestations.

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