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Why is symmetry important?

SYMMETRY is essential for a body to function correctly and avoid injury.

When a body is held out of symmetry for months or years, the stresses associated with weight and movement are directed unevenly and thus accumulate in certain joints and soft tissues. Eventually these stresses will create uneven wear on some joint surfaces and the associated muscle contractions will start to limit the flow of blood and the drainage of waste products from the area.

Healing will thus be impaired and debris will be allowed to accumulate (i.e. the area becomes more rigid).

These ‘loaded’ areas thus become worn, brittle and unhealthy, i.e. they are PREDISPOSED to injury, recurrent strains and arthritic changes.

Most injuries sustained by performers occur in these areas of predisposition. If the force or action that led to an injury was not sufficient to create the same problem in any individual then it is certain that predisposition has played a part.

Unaware of their malalignments and the stresses they create, most performers constantly accumulate predispositions such that injury is simply a matter of time.

Unaware of these asymmetries, they also constantly battle against inefficiencies of movement; and therefore limitations in their physical and mental PERFORMANCE.

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