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Research suggests that poor posture and alignment are principal factors in the predisposition to injury:

Watson AW., Sports injuries related to flexibility, posture, acceleration, clinical defects, and previous injury, in high-level players of body contact sports. Int J Sports Med. 2001 Apr;22(3):222-5.

Hennessey L, Watson AW., Flexibility and posture assessment in relation to hamstring injury.Br J Sports Med. 1993 Dec;27(4):243-6.

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Watson AW., Sports injuries in footballers related to defects of posture and body mechanics. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 1995 Dec;35(4):289-94.

Lack of flexibility can also be a precursor to later injury:

Witvrouw E, Danneels L, Asselman P, D'Have T, Cambier D., Muscle flexibility as a risk factor for developing muscle injuries in male professional soccer players. A prospective study. Am J Sports Med. 2003 Jan-Feb;31(1):41-6.

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