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At my practice I work intensively to correct malalignment and inflexibility because research shows that these are the key predisposing factors to injuries and performance limitations (see Research).

Asymmetries and inflexibility in a body can cause:

  1. Cumulative stresses on joints leading to cartilage damage and joint instability
  2. Tight muscular compensations and associated stiffness
  3. Compressed discs, joints, organs, blood vessels and nerves
  4. Poor healing
  5. Dehydration, brittleness and eventually rigidity
  6. Inflexiblility, inefficiency and predisposition to further injury.
  7. Reduced endurance
  8. Premature degeneration
  9. Biased movement patterns

In short, a person with asymmetries is prone to injury and unable to reach their performance potential.

(To read a more detailed description of these processes, read my background essay entitled ‘Asymmetry and Structural Accumulations’ in the Library section).

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