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As an Osteopath and Naturopath, i have been constantly commited to pushing the boundaries of human performance. I find many of the standard views and techniques in the field of physical medicine to be both ineffective and unsuccessful.

It was only when i studied in China, Japan and Thailand that I found better techniques (derived from 3,000 rather than 100 years of experience). Coupled with a deep interest in the evolutionary origins of the human body and mind i have now developed unique methods that bring optimal health and performance to people who need to operate at their best.

In my 12 week ‘body rebuilding’ programmes, i take clients progressively through the following series of rehabilitation work:

  1. Correct any skeletal malalignments
  2. Mobilise joints to remove debris
  3. Break up muscle adhesions
  4. Provide tailored flexibility exercises
  5. Provide tailored body-control exercises
  6. Provide tailored movement re-education
  7. Provide eating plans and nutritional support
  8. Introduce positive psychology and coaching ideas

As they work through this programme my clients increasingly experience a body that:

  1. Is resilient to injury
  2. Can perform to higher standards for longer
  3. Is more balanced and responsive
  4. Heals injuries more quickly
  5. Is ready for elite performance.

Why does this process work?.....

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