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Better Symmetry = Better Efficiency = Better Performance

The human body was designed by the forces of evolution to preserve energy wherever possible. The more energy that is preserved by a performer, the longer their muscles and brain can operate at optimal levels.

To conserve energy, most forms of human movement are RHYTHMICAL. The body has large amounts of elastic tissue imbedded into the end of range of each joint, so that one side of a rhythmic movement can bounce into the next and thus minimise energy expenditure. [At maximal efficiency a human body when walking can reuse over 90% of the energy of one stride for the next].

But to properly make use of this elastic tissue, the body has to be able to access its full range of movement, i.e. it has to be FLEXIBLE

When the body is in correct alignment, the muscles become more relaxed and movement becomes more fluid. The joints are thus able to move to their full potential and the elastic recoil mechanism is properly utilised.

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