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Mark Thompson D.O., N.D., M.R.N

Direct Tel No: 07976 564143

Osteopath and Naturopath
Light Centre Belgravia

As an Osteopath I have always specialised in alignment and symmetry. I work with a wide array of clients to help them find better physical balance and therefore more efficiency of movement and less predisposition to injury. My techniques are unique being a mixture of European, Japanese, Chinese and Thai. I demostrate many of these techniques at colleges and on special professional courses.
I am particularly interested in Elite Performance where my unique techniques can quickly bring an individual’s body back into correct alignment again, helping them to overcome injury quickly, reduce their predisposition to injury and help them become more a efficient mover, (thus conserving energy, allowing them to preserve their level of performance for longer periods of time). I work with a number of top athletes and performers in sport, dance and professions where elite performance is crucial to success.
Allied to my physical skills i am also a physiologist and an expert in evolutionary psychology. This allows me to look beyond the physical to find out how people tick, to help them remove mental and functional barriers and guide them towards a total performance solution.
I am Principal of the Light Centre in Belgravia, London and i also oversee the Light Programme which is an eductional resource designed to inspire clients towards better self awareness and holistic health. It helps people to understand more about their nutritional health, personality, instinct, relationships and purpose in life. I hold individual one-on-one sessions to look at a person’s overall health and goals in life, after which we put together a 12-week life plan.
I also teacher my own form of flowing, dance-like yoga (Light Yoga) to private clients as well as a one-on-one relaxation classes.

In 2004 i wrote a book on the evolution of the human mind and body called ‘10 Evolutionary Steps to a Successful Life’. For anyone interested in the evolutionary origins of my wider work, these on-line interviews will offer an initial insight:

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